Terror Film Festival Award

Many thanks to the Terror Film Festival for awarding La méduse rouge a Claw Award for Best Feature Film this year!

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Blow-Up: Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival

La méduse rouge has been chosen as an Official Selection of the Blow-Up: Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival.

PhilaMOCA Screening

Maverick Movie Awards

The Maverick Movie Awards in Los Angeles nominated La méduse rouge in two categories this year, including Best Director for Michael Wellenreiter and Best Special FX & Make-up for David S. Kessler (VFX), Crystal Soveroski (Key Make-up), and Robin Lynn Allen (SFX Make-up).

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Terror Film Festival

Ritz East Screening

La méduse rouge screened at the Ritz East Theatre in Philadelphia on Thursday, March 26, to a lively crowd of 160.



Lucerne International Film Festival

La méduse rouge screened as an Official Selection of the Lucerne International Film Festival on November 16 at the Swiss Museum of Transport.

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Wisconsin Film Festival

La méduse rouge was screened to a sold out crowd at the Chazen Museum of Art in Madison, Wisconsin as part of the Wisconsin Film Festival. Michael Wellenreiter, Adam Carrigan and Matthew Lyons were in attendance.

UW Madison - Premiere Line

“Filled with surreal, carefully composed imagery and peppered with violent fight sequences, the hypnotically weird La méduse rouge is what a Chuck Norris vehicle directed by David Lynch might look like.” — Jim Healy, Director of Programming, Wisconsin Film Festival

Madison Guidebook Short

Many thanks to everyone who attended the show, and to the generous hospitality of the Wisconsin Film Festival!

The Audience Arrives

The screening was followed by a Q&A with director/co-writer Michael Wellenreiter and lead actor/co-writer Adam Carrigan, who discussed their take on Midwestern violence and the pros and cons of filming during a hurricane. They are pictured below with Ben Reiser, Hospitality Coordinator of the Festival.

Madison QandA

Please see the ‘Press’ section for full coverage about the show.

Amsterdam Film Festival

La méduse rouge was awarded the “Dramatic Directing Award” by the Amsterdam Film Festival.