Reclusive young billionaire Carl Jorstad returns from his annual survivalist vacation in order to bid for the rare jellyfish called La méduse rouge, known as a harbinger of the end of the world. But Carl’s hardball negotiations prove costlier than he’d foreseen, attracting a masochistic brotherhood of ultra-rich business magnates who desire La méduse rouge for their decadent dinner party. Stripped of his influence, Carl embarks on a bloody revenge quest to destroy the object of their desires, even as the unknowable cosmic power of La méduse rouge reduces the world’s population to anarchy.

Trekking through the wilderness that emerges in the creature’s destructive wake, Carl finds that his former elite status has been eclipsed by a new class of wasteland entrepreneurs. Battling black marketeers and bounty hunters, Carl races toward the mountain sanctuary of Dr. Sperlin, the only man who can destroy La méduse rouge. But as his surreal travels begin to take their toll on him, Carl finds himself increasingly unable to conduct business as usual.

Carl Jorstad