MIRRORS (2018): When a WWIII defector and his dangerous clones plot global annihilation, an assassin and a pacifist rebel must team up to take them down. A surreal sci-fi thriller written and directed by Michael Wellenreiter.

Mirrors is available on Prime Video. Watch at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08376VK3F

A Severine Pictures Production (90 minutes / 2018). Starring Jonathan Fitzgerald, Sarah Grace Lee, Jerry Rudasill, Michael D. Robinson II, Munir R. Kreidie, Quang Ly, Hanh Nguyen, Steven J. Klaszky, Frank Sellers, and Anna Fodde-Reguer. Directors of photography Spencer Starnes and Michael Felice, production design by Robin Allen, original score by F. M. Maresous.

RED MEDUSA (aka LA MÉDUSE ROUGE) (2013): Reclusive young billionaire Carl Jorstad is exiled after stealing a prize delicacy, the rare jellyfish known as ‘La méduse rouge’, from a masochistic brotherhood of ultra-rich business leaders. As bizarre cosmic phenomena begin to threaten all of humanity, Carl plots his revenge in this surreal sci-fi thriller.

Red Medusa is available on Prime Video. Watch at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078Z3WRRW

A Severine Pictures Production (94 minutes / 2013). Directed by Michael Wellenreiter, screenplay by Adam Carrigan and Michael Wellenreiter, director of photography Matthew Lyons, visual effects by David S. Kessler. Starring Adam Carrigan, Nikiya Palombi, Steven J. Klaszky, and Michael D. Robinson II.