Mirrors is currently being submitted to film festivals. Here are samples of press from previous productions:

Healy, Jim. “La méduse rouge.” Wisconsin Film Festival Guidebook 13 April 2013.

“Filled with surreal, carefully composed imagery and peppered with violent fight sequences, the hypnotically weird La méduse rouge is what a Chuck Norris vehicle directed by David Lynch might look like.” — Jim Healy, Director of Programming, Wisconsin Film Festival

Duerst, Austin. “Wisconsin Film Festival 2013: Writer-director Michael Wellenreiter discusses the films and foods that inspired La méduse rouge.” The Isthmus: Daily Page (Madison, Wisconsin) 11 April 2013.

“It’s a very tense scene, but at one point a caterer walks among these powerful, evil men in business suits and begins distributing bruschetta. For some reason, of all the strange moments in the film, that one seemed the strangest.” — Austin Duerst for The Isthmus Daily Page

Weitner, Sean. “WiFilmFest 2013 Preview: La méduse rouge.” Dane101.com (Madison, Wisconsin) 10 April 2013.

“It’s not the least bit campy — that score removes the air from the room, so it’s hard to chuckle even at those few moments when it goes for humor. It frequently gestures at an extended commentary about American business culture — almost every character is revealed as working for tentacles of the same disreputable corporation — but prefers loose ends to statements.” — Sean Weitner for Dane101

Bartash, Sarah. “Notes from the world premiere of La méduse rouge.” Dane101.com (Madison, Wisconsin) 14 April 2013.

“The sound for La méduse rouge, partially provided by Julian Grefe of the band Pink Skull, plays such an important role, supporting the slow paced, apathetic, gritty feel.” — Sarah Bartash for Dane101

Philebrity.com. “Attention Lovers Of Weird Cinema: La Méduse Rouge Is Coming.” Philebrity.com (Philadelphia) 18 March 2015.

La Méduse Rouge is a low-budget sci-fi mindfuck with local ties… immerse yourself in the madness.”